la stanza del figlio

ovvero: come usare soulseek senza conoscere google e amazon

(20:33) [Gaslip] ciao
(20:33) [Gaslip] hola
(20:33) [Gaslip] hi
(20:33) [Gaslip] hello
[onq] ciao
(20:37) [Gaslip] io non parlo italiano veramente
[onq] ok
(20:37) [Gaslip] english?
[onq] ok
(20:37) [Gaslip] english?
[onq] ok
(20:38) [Gaslip] got some italian soundtracks
(20:38) [Gaslip] you
[onq] ?
(20:38) [Gaslip] I’m looking for an italian soundtrack
[onq] which one?
(20:39) [Gaslip] one from nicola piovani
[onq] all i have is in the 60 70 beat folder
(20:39) [Gaslip] la stanza del figlio by nani moretti
[onq] aaaah
[onq] ok
(20:39) [Gaslip] can you help me?
[onq] not really, but i think its quite easy to find
(20:40) [Gaslip] what title should I look for?
(20:40) [Gaslip] english or italian one?
[onq] just look for piovani
(20:41) [Gaslip] ok
(20:41) [Gaslip] what italian composer do you like?
(20:41) [Gaslip] cinema composer
[onq] well if you look in my folders you can guess quite easily
(20:42) [Gaslip] I know most of them
(20:42) [Gaslip] personally
[onq] are you in the cinema?
(20:43) [Gaslip] yeah
[onq] and can’t you find la stanza del figlio ost???
(20:43) [Gaslip] jajajaja
(20:43) [Gaslip] that’s amazing but true
[onq] well it was released both in italy and abroad
[onq] in italy it’s called “la stanza del figlio”, abroad it is called “son’s room”
[onq] i’m sure that someone ripped it
[onq] add it ion yr wishlist and soon or late it will show up
[onq] just add “stanza figlio”
(20:45) [Gaslip] ok
[onq] and “son’s room”
(20:45) [Gaslip] tks so much
[onq] and if you’re desperate
(20:46) [Gaslip] what’s that?
[onq] that’s the cd youre looking for
[onq] on amazon
(20:47) [Gaslip] I don’t understand
[onq] uhm i put it easy
[onq] you’re looking for music, right?
[onq] copy and paste it on explorer it’s a url!!!
(20:50) [Gaslip] I can’t copy
[onq] highlight text, press ctrl+c, go to explorer bar and press crtl+v
(20:53) [Gaslip] yeah, that’s correct
(20:54) [Gaslip] but it says there’s no adress for this chain
[onq] make sure it starts with http and finishes with glance
[onq] maybe you copied also the [onq] thing
(20:55) [Gaslip] ok, I found
(20:55) [Gaslip] oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
[onq] that’s the english version
(20:55) [Gaslip] the whole music
(20:55) [Gaslip] guaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuu
(20:55) [Gaslip] my favorite song
(20:55) [Gaslip] uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[onq] well there’s only some seconds
(20:56) [Gaslip] yeah
(20:56) [Gaslip] but it works
(20:56) [Gaslip] tks so much
[onq] you might even ask a copy of the cd to piovani, next time you meet him



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